The Study
The notary Gloria Brugnoli has been assisting the Livorno office for almost twenty-five years now, in which she has always offered her professional work aimed at providing legal assistance to the citizens and solving, in some cases, particularly difficult problems, offering a service aimed at mediating the needs of the population with bureaucracy - although indispensable in many cases - and with the Public Administration, as well as naturally exercising a profitable and desirable mediation between contractors.
This mediation ability, which is now generally recognized to the notary Gloria Brugnoli, has led her in recent years to profitably exercise the profession of judicial mediator, which she currently performs at the Mediaconciliatio Mediation Institute in Livorno.
Passionate about civil law, commercial law, inheritance law and voluntary jurisdiction, she is always up to date on the topics to be daily addressed, with constant attention to solving the problems of ordinary people.
Also, regarding the remuneration, the notary Gloria Brugnoli has maintained over the years a behavior that reconciles the correct and exhaustive investigation of the practices entrusted and the excellent result to be pursued.
The activities carried out by the Notary Office are:
  • the drafting of contracts (to indicate some of them by way of example: conveyances, exchanges, divisions, donations, life annuities, mortgages, leasing and other types of financing, sale of shares and quotas, sales of companies, establishment of companies and non-profit entities, modification of social agreements, minutes of corporate meetings of listed and unlisted companies, mergers, demergers, transfers in companies);
  • the planning of personal and family assets, the preparation of heritage succession practices;
  • the drafting of marriage agreements (separation of assets, patrimonial funds, etc.);
  • civil and tax advice on contracts, corporate transactions and asset planning operations.

The knowledge of the English language, perfected also through the attendance of a legal English courses in England, allows her to receive contracts in English as well as offering advices to clients who do not speak Italian.
Emanuela De Marco
Dr. Emanuela De Marco offers her collaboration in the investigation of the practices and in relations with other professionals and credit institutions, putting her meticulousness at the service of the notary office without slowing down its efficiency.
With respect and sensitivity in the comparisons of the needs of the exchange of traffic, she assists the notary in choosing the most appropriate solutions for the cases that come to her examination.
Catia Mucci
Catia Mucci has been the head of the accounting department of the notary's office for many years and thanks to her well-known and commendable precision, she is also the historical memory of the office; thanks to her, the office is able to reconstruct even very old movements and to meet customer and supplier questions regarding accounting.
Simona Di Girolamo
Mainly dedicated to the compilation of the repertoire and the preparation of “UNICO” (telematic system of registration, transcription and cadastral transfer of the property deeds), she responsibly ensures compliance with the deadlines and the completion of the advertising mechanisms prescribed for the individual deeds, as well as the timely communications with the Public administration.
Simona Domenichini
Last entry in order of time, Simona Domenichini responds with elegance and practicality to customer requests, organizing the notary's agenda.


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